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Lip Liners

Lip Liners

Our ,creamy, long lasting liners are the perfect finish to our Luxe Lip line. 


They add the perfect outline or you can apply all over the lips for a richer longer lasting colour pay off under your lipstick 


Each colour is perfectly colour matched to our lipsticks and we have even kept their names the same so its easy to keep your perfect duo together!


Blush is the perfect soft pink, ideal for Bridal and also works with our Cotton Gloss

Twirl is the most delicious soft brow and also works with our Moonshine Gloss

Dita is our gorgeous, vibrant red also works well with our Money Gloss

Show Girl is our delightful  candy pink

Vamp is the perfect deep burgundy and also works with our Doll Gloss


These beauties are Vegan & Cruelty Free